How to check your Shortlink destination page for safe Browsing

Internet users do not rarely check the shortlink they receive.

Every time I try a friend's browser in the office, almost everything there is a malware or installed software that is not clear in the browser.

There are many websites that give shortlink to download the software/movie/song with the purpose of the user will be thrown to the actual pages that only intend to ngadvertisement or worse infiltrate the user's computer With malware.

It's about a link trip like this:

Shortlink URL-> site ad A (wait 10 seconds)-> AD site B (wait 10 seconds)-> Real Destination Page

Or is there this

Shortlink URL-> website ad A (wait 10 seconds): Open Popup without user-> Real Destination Page

Therefore, sometimes this link of destination becomes so dangerous.

In the email, the Karen gives a Redirect Link Tracker to help us check where the links will be directed.

Okay, I understand the heck it looks like the link given most likely belongs to the Karen. Therefore I give you some link tracker address that you can use:


This is a link tracker given by Karen. When I visited the site
According to the instructions, please enter the URL in the form provided. I will be using this link: For example and the next experiment.

After you enter the URL link, the site will provide tracking results

Actually the websiteplanet is not the only one, I also found other websites namely:


You also need to enter a short URL into the form and click "Trace Url". Here's my experiment and the results. Actually I'm less satisfied with the result of these 2 sites, Sori ya Mbak:D. Therefore I recommend the next Link Tracker..


As with the previous website, you just need to enter the tracking URL, but I prefer the results from this site.
Looks the difference? The results of this website provide a choice of links to check the destination sites on various security-check sites such as Sucuri, Norton, and Web of Trust.

You don't just know what the purpose site is, but you can also check if it's dangerous or not.


Protecting your computer from malware can start from not visiting malicious sites.

Please choose its own redirect checking site, maybe you better match the recommendation Karen (who sent an email to me) or agree with what I discussed earlier.

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