Understanding Global Warming Warming

Factors cause Global Warming
Illustration causes Global warming
Global warming is due to the human lifestyle, consumption patterns, and technology that exist in many developed countries. Some of the developed countries are the biggest contributors to this global warming for example the United States, China, Russia, United Kingdom, and several other countries.
As mentioned on the understanding of global warming above, here are some factors causing global warming:

1. Carbon dioxide pollution
These carbon dioxide are derived from various processes of human activity, ranging from combustion processes in vehicle engines, factory and industrial machinery, fossil-fired power plants, etc.
This carbon dioxide pollution is the biggest contributor to the cause of global warming that occurs today. This worsened because of the higher users of motorised vehicles in different parts of the world.
2. Use of chemicals
There are many human products and needs that use chemicals, one of which is crop fertilizer. Although it is considered dangerous, but the use of chemical fertilizers is still done until now.
Chemical fertilizers contain nitrogen oxide gas whose capacity is 300 times hotter than carbon dioxide. Well, it can be imagined how its impact on global warming if chemical fertilizers are used excessively.
3. Forest logging and burning
Illegal and uncontrollable logging and forest burning activities are also the biggest causes of global warming. As we know, trees in the woods are needed to donate oxygen to the creatures of the Earth.
The logging and burning of these trees in addition to causing air pollution, also resulted in the loss of some ' lung ' of the world to recycle carbon dioxide.
4. Greenhouse effect
High-rise buildings and houses with glass-building concepts cannot absorb the heat of the sun and reflect sunlight into the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the heat is restrained or trapped in an atmosphere by air pollution from carbon dioxide, methane, sulfur dioxide, and moisture.
So that the unabsorbed heat returns to the surface of the earth and stored there. This process takes place over a long period of time and causes average temperatures on the surface of the earth to increase.

Understanding Global Warming Warming
In order to better understand what is global warming, then we can refer to the opinions of some of the following experts:
1. United States Environmental Protection Agency
According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency the notion of global warming is the increase in average temperature on the surface of the Earth, both past and current. The greenhouse effect is the cause of the greatest global warming causing climate change.
2. Solar Energy Association New Mexico, United States
According to the Solar Energy Association of New Mexico, the United States sense of global warming is an increase in temperature or average temperatures on the Earth's surface as a impact of greenhouse effects.
The effect of the greenhouse is the occurrence of heat in the earth because it is obstructed by emission gases such as carbon dioxide (motor vehicle smoke, smoke factories or industries, forest fires) in the atmosphere.
3. Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
According to NRDC global warming is the process of improving the air temperature because of the heat in the atmosphere by carbon dioxide gas that can threaten climate change and can lead to disasters on the surface of the Earth. NRDC says global warming is the biggest environmental and humanitarian crisis that is happening at this time.
4. National Wildlife Federation
According to the National Wildlife Federation, global warming is an increase in air temperature on earth resulting in various natural disasters, such as storms, droughts, floods, etc. Global warming also results in a landscape change of life on Earth and kills many species.

The impact of Global warming
Impact Illustration Global Warming
The impact of global warming in general is the occurrence of increasing average temperature on earth. However, there is a lot of impact that occurs due to the global warming, whether it be climate and weather, the increase of seawater, ecosystems, and others.
The following are some of the impacts of global warming:
1. Climate change and weather
Global warming has resulted in climate change and weather changes around the world. This is because the atmosphere conditions are changing in various locations due to the global warming.
2. Acid rain
The smoke of the combustion of coal and oil will produce SO and nitrogen oxide emissions. When both gases react in the air it will produce nitric acid, sulfuric acid. This is what then results in acid rain.
This acid rain can cause damage to metal objects, damage crops, cause breathing difficulties, and so forth.
3. Arctic ice and Southern melting
Most of the north and south polar areas are covered by ice that can reflect sunlight. Global warming will make the ice on the north and south poles melt.
If the ice in the north and South poles continue to melt then the heat of the sun will be more absorbed and cause heat. In addition, the acceleration of the melting ice will make various animals in the North and South Poles lose their habitat.
4. Sea level rises
Es looking from the north and south poles will flow towards the sea. Eventually the sea level will be gradually higher.
According to some scientists, throughout the 20th century sea level had climbed up to 25 cm. And it is expected that sea level will continue to rise up to 88 cm. This will of course make the land area on the Earth's surface increasingly diminishing.
5. Ecological disrupted
Global warming has a huge impact on all living creatures, including animals and plants. The human activity that resulted in global warming will make many animals migrate elsewhere.
Plants in an area can disappear or die because the climate is not in accordance with its natural habitat.
6. Depleting ozone Layer
The ozone layer is the coating that envelops the earth so that it is not exposed to direct radiation from sunlight. Global warming results in this depleting layer of ozone even broken.
The impact of this ozone layer damages is the direct sunlight regarding the human skin. Direct ultraviolet light about the skin may result in skin diseases and skin cancers.
7. Changing seasons
The cycle of seasons in different regions of the earth will undergo changes or become irregular due to global warming. This causes many problems for people, such as the rainy season and the dry season.
The impact of this season change also occurs in agriculture and animal husbandry industries. The planting season and the unmistakable harvest season will result in crops and farms becoming declining.

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