US vs China Trade war Huawei

Germany invented the machine. America invented the computer. China (Will) redefine the Internet.
If today you are creating a teleportation tool, the first thing you have to do is not to imagine how it will be to spend the wealth of the invention patent. But think about how your life stays in the body. Because you are officially the biggest threat to the parties that have power over the economy, politics, and defence. Because they have to find the technology. Not you.

Maybe you think when creating a teleportation tool then all will be fine and the world will be better. Oh, it's not that easy. Because your technology will destroy the economic order of nations that have been governed in such a way by those in power. Because nowadays and in the future only technology can be the largest economic generator on the planet
The issue used by United States (US) in a Huawei tackle is spying. Security and defense issues are always sexy to reason by the Government to invade other countries. But which country governments do not do it? Someone in NSA there can know today you go where and pirated movies what you watch. Because the most powerful surveillance tool on Earth is always in the hands of each person: smart phone. This is not new news. And also not the main reason why the US and the US tech companies tackle Huawei.
Before I explain why 5G could create this amount of muddle, let's rinse back to 20-30 last year.
The largest company in the 21st century name is Apple, Microsoft, Google. The three companies did not fall from the sky and suddenly become gigantic. All three were pioneered between the 70-90 's. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Larry Page could bear a giant baby because of the supportive ecosystem; Advances in U.S. technology. When the 1980-00s Gates and Jobs were toying with computer code and processor, our father was probably ' playing ' with Hoe. Most top typewriter. That's why it's not our father who founded Microsoft or Apple. Because our father (on the fate of God) is not born in a country that has technological superiority. The ecosystem is very important. Because we can not grow the Rambutan tree in the desert.
The excellence of U.S. technology in the late 20th century continues to roll a snow ball into the 21st century. Create the next technology that eventually becomes a new economic engine that beats oil and steel. Snowballs that give birth to other new supreme planets that dominate the planet: Facebook, Amazon, Intel, Cisco, IBM. The entities that change connectivity and information become commodities on a massive scale. Jobs were opened, fat taxes were paid off, and Internet-based services were exported worldwide. They were the ones that moved the US money making machine. In order for Uncle Sam to still have a lot of fals, and therefore can remain a country and nation is most charged on the face of the earth. Because there is no money for nothing.
Advances in technology have transformed the human economy, nation, and world. The most noticeably is when 4G connectivity is implemented in the market. The world's face changes due to 4G.
5G is not just a faster 4G. 5G is a revolution and a miracle of connectivity technology. It is not only much firmer and capable of carrying greater data than 4G. But he has almost no latency or pauses. Nothing broke in the middle. Latency is a lag time when data is running. The average current connection latency is 100 milliseconds or 0.1 seconds. With 5G the latence is only 1 millisecond or 0.001 seconds. Faster than the time you need to blink.
When the speed of 4G can change the face of the world and nations, then what impacts 5G can result in speeds of 20 times 4G and without latency?
Problem you can download movies from previous 6 minutes in 4G to 3 seconds on 5G, it's another affair. 5G is the only technology that allows interconnectivity in real-time without having to worry about data transport delays. It is the technology required by autonomous cars, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the operation of remote Tools. All sectors will be impacted: transport (autonomous car), health (long-distance surgery), construction (tool operation), entertainment (film and music), Retail (speed of service access), IoT (smart home, Smart city), and agriculture.
5G opens unlimited possibilities for other technologies or services that require real-time connectivity with large data sizes. If you are trying to imagine, remember that with 5G the sky is the limit.
But this time the U.S. gets a comparable or more powerful opponent: China. Huawei has successfully developed much better 5G technology than US tech companies such as AT&T or Verizon. In the same way, Chinese 5G is like a DVD and US 5G like a laser disc. The U.S. is lagging very far in the 5G race. For the US, it shouldn't happen because it will threaten the majesty of their nation in the future. That's why Huawei Dijegal. This is not merely a technological race, but competition among nations.
Because technological advances create ecosystems. On the implementation of revolutionary technology, speed is crucial. Remember again what Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Larry Page had done 20-30 years ago that gave birth to the new giant economic engine for the US. All happens because its ecosystem allows. The same will also happen in China with 5G. Faster and more rapidly implementation of 5G in China introduced by Huawei, Chinese technology companies will adopt, adapt, and develop 5G-based technology or services over any country in the world. They will be able to more quickly acquire and master the world market on everything that is based on 5G services — the Internet is faster and lag-free.
Someday we will get to know Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, IG, the new generation of Whatsapp from China. Any commodities software technology and hardware that allows the implementation of 5G at all levels of the market.
For the US, particularly Trump, this is not to be the case. Because America must be Great Again. Seeing China can jump into the runner-up of the country with the world's largest economy in just 30 years already unsettling. Letting them be number 1 is certainly not a choice for the US. China's woe has strong ammunition to go to top rankings in the league. His name is 5G.
In this century only technology is able to become the largest economic generator of a nation. No more oil, gas, or weapons. But however the U.S. was the winner of World War II and was accustomed to making war as an economic generator through the weapons industry. A path still preserved and utilized to confront those against: Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan.
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